The Junkluggers Invite You to Go Green This Summer

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The Junkluggers - the industry leaders in eco-friendly junk removal, is on a mission to enhance lives, the community, and the environment and wants to make sure you have your greenest summer yet! The Junkluggers is on a national mission to keep reusable items out of landfills in order to maintain a sustainable environment and would love for you to join them. 

In an effort to help you go green this summer The Junkluggers offers 8 easy tips:

  1. Start a compost or a garden (or both!)
  2. Switch to reusable bottles and straws
  3. Recycle your old or unused electronics
  4. Donate any of your furniture not in use
  5. Shop locally and buy from farmers markets
  6. Go camping and/or enjoy a green picnic
  7. Make a DIY clothesline to sun dry clothes
  8. Donate any summer clothes you don't wear

CEO and Founder, Josh Cohen, always wanted to find new ways to donate items and reuse products that would have otherwise been thrown in landfills. Since its humble beginnings in 2004, The Junkluggers has donated over one million dollars' worth of items on behalf of its customers – that means it has been able to keep over 50 million pounds out of landfills and benefited over 100,000 people. The Junkluggers was the first junk removal company to issue donation receipts to customers because it always donates first!  As The Junkluggers continues to grow, it continues to paint the world green! This year alone, the brand has generated over 80% more donation receipts than the same period last year.

"Making a difference within our communities and environment is the heart of what we do," said Cohen. "Make this summer a green one! Making small adjustments to your life can make a big impact on our environment."

Today, The Junkluggers continues to create relationships with local charity partners and recycling centers across the United States and strives to become a part of every community they service. The Junkluggers and you can be a part of the solution to preserve the world, one lug at a time, by finding the best and most eco-friendly use for unwanted items with the goal to keep junk out of landfills. Junkluggers prides itself on making decluttering as easy as possible and takes great satisfaction in removing your junk.

"Throughout the pandemic people have been going through their businesses and homes and identifying items they don't need or want anymore," said Kristy Ferguson, Chief Marketing Officer for The Junkluggers. "Especially as we head into the summer we want people to think about how they can utilize eco-friendly practices and help give their items a new life."

Service begins with a free, no-obligation estimate. After approval, the expert luggers carefully load items and organize the truck based on what can be donated or recycled. The Junkluggers does all of the heavy lifting and follows its Green Guarantees: on-time arrivals, donation receipts within 14 days, price assurance and 100 percent satisfaction.

For more information about The Junkluggers, please visit https://www.junkluggers.com/ or contact 1-800-LUG-JUNK 1-844-906-2893).

About Junkluggers

Since 2004, The Junkluggers has been disrupting the junk removal industry with its eco-friendly practices, from being the first company of its kind to offer donation receipts to launching Remix Market as a way to keep items out of landfills. This team of big-hearted professionals focuses on green, community-oriented practices, striving to enhance lives, the community and the environment by donating, recycling, upcycling and supporting local charities. The Junkluggers now has 83 franchise locations across the U.S. with 57 operating, and 26 coming soon. They are on a mission to paint the world green as they grow!

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